If you’re a computer science major in college right now and you’re looking to land at a place that will help you pay off your student loan bills the fastest, then you should really check out Glassdoor’s new list of the 25 best companies for compensation and benefits. Google was the No. 1 company on the list, which isn’t too surprising since other employee surveys have shown that Google employees are the happiest of any others in the tech industry. However, Google wasn’t the only big tech company to make Glassdoor’s list — in fact, tech companies seem to be disproportionately represented on the list and account for 14 of the top 25.

Other big-name tech companies that made Glassdoor’s best for pay and benefits include Facebook, Microsoft, Adobe and eBay. Lesser known tech companies that also apparently offer stellar compensation packages include medical software firm Epic Systems Corporation, SaaS company Intuit, application performance infrastructure company Riverbed and biotech company Genentech.

You may notice that there’s one big name missing here: Apple. Although Apple certainly pays its people well, it’s generally not seen as the company to go to if your first priority is making top dollar. Instead it’s a place for people who love working long hours to make the “insanely great” products that Steve Jobs was so fond of.

Be sure to check out Glassdoor’s full list by clicking the source link below.

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