Selling computers is a tough racket to be in right now, and it looks like Sony might be nearing the end of the road. A report from Reuters on Tuesday morning suggests that Sony is currently in talks to sell its Vaio PC operations to Lenovo, which seems to be linked to any and all consumer tech M&A chatter in the market these days. Lenovo just acquired Motorola Mobility from Google for about $3 billion and the company’s buying spree could continue with Sony’s computer division. Why would Lenovo buy Sony’s loss-making computer biz? Good question, and it’s one that investors in Japan pondered as well while they drove Lenovo’s share price down more than 16%. A separate report from Nikkei said that investment fund Japan Industrial Partners is actually eying Sony’s PC business, not Lenovo, and the deal could be worth between $391 million and $489 million.