Earlier this month at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Audi showed off an amazing new laser headlight system that one-ups the standard high-intensity discharge lamps found on many modern automobiles. The new headlight system, which was showcased on Audi’s Sport Quattro concept car, uses a blue laser instead of a standard bulb to cast light that Audi says can illuminate the road for a distance of more than 1,600 feet in front of a driver. Audi also stated that its new laser high-beams have twice the light range and three times the luminosity of LED high-beam headlights — but as great as that all sounds, how exactly does it work?

Popular Mechanics managed to catch up with an Audi representative after the new laser headlights were unveiled at CES 2014, and he explained in simple terms exactly how the new technology works. The brief video detailing Audi’s new laser headlamp system is embedded below.