As HTC’s infernal autumn comes to a close, it appears to be entering an equally dismal winter. The Wall Street Journal reports that Nokia has won yet another patent suit against HTC, this time in the United Kingdom. Included among the smartphones found to violate Nokia’s patents were both the HTC Wildfire and, even more worryingly, the flagship HTC One. As with Nokia’s other wins, the company will seek monetary compensation for the patent infringement as well as the ban of HTC smartphone sales and imports.

Reuters shares an email from an HTC spokesperson who says that “HTC is disappointed by the decision that the UK court has reached in this case and we will be seeking to appeal the finding immediately.”

This suit is just the latest bad news in another negative month for the company — HTC has already had to deny factory closure rumors and deal with the loss of a global PR head. The potential ban of the HTC One in the U.K. could be the worst hit yet.