T-Mobile formally declared war on rival carriers with the announcement of its new “UNcarrier” initiative at a press event in New York City on Tuesday. John Legere, the company’s president and CEO, called out every major player in the mobile industry but spent extra time bashing AT&T (T). The executive repeatedly pointed out the carrier’s “misleading pricing model” and network quality, claiming customers will save more than $1,000 over the course of two years on T-Mobile, which he also said could handle 50% more bandwidth than AT&T’s network. The carrier was not phased, however.

An AT&T spokesperson responded to AllThingD with a simple “whatever” when asked about T-Mobile’s event, while a Sprint (S) spokesperson highlighted the company’s “Truly Unlimited 4G LTE data” that it claims offer a “saving of $110 over T-Mobile.” The carrier also pointed out that it also has “no term contract options” through Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile and Sprint As You Go.

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