The global pay-TV subscriber base is expected to top 900 million in 2013 according to recent estimates, driven largely by increased popularity of IPTV services and growth in the Asia-Pacific region. Market Research firm ABI Research says the global pay-TV market added almost 47 million net subscribers in 2012, pushing the global user count to 864 million. In 2013, however, the firm expects growth to slow as North American and Western European markets become saturated.

According to ABI’s numbers, the global pay-TV market will add 43 million net subscribers in 2013 to reach 907 million by year-end. Internet-based TV services will account for 9 million net additions as cable’s share of the pay-TV market drops to 65.4% from 66.2% in 2012.

High-definition service adoption will continue to grow as well, ABI said. “Worldwide HD service adoption is expected to grow. ABI Research forecasts that 38% of global pay-TV subscribers will be subscribing to HDTV services in 2013,” ABI analyst Khin Sandi Lynn wrote in the firm’s report.

ABI notes that North America and Western Europe had the highest HDTV service penetration in 2012 at 84% and 76%, respectively.