The race to control all aspects of a mobile ecosystem from its hardware design to its software integration is heating up. According to The Korea Times, LG (06657011) will announce its own in-house designed mobile processors at CES 2013. The newspaper reports the Korean electronics giant has a team of 900 chip designers working on its own mobile processors, which will be produced by TSMC and will sport a 28-nanometer process based off of ARM’s Cortex A15 architecture.

LG will join Apple (AAPL) and Samsung (005930) in exerting more control over chip design, with the latter proving its capable of designing and manufacturing its own processors. By choosing to design its own mobile chips, LG can fine-tune its devices to vastly increase software and hardware performance, much like how Samsung does with its Exynos-powered devices.

The Korea Times says LG’s new chips will bring even greater power efficiency to upcoming smartphones and premium Web-based TVs. LG has recently seen success partnering with Google (GOOG) on the excellent Nexus 4, which is based off its superb Optimus G.