RIM Q1 2013 Earnings Preview

Things haven’t been going well for RIM and they likely won’t get any better when Thursday’s earnings report comes out. All Things D has talked with a couple of high-profile analysts and they both say the same thing: RIM is screwed. Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, for one, says that RIM’s near-term outlook is “terrible with a scoop of worse.” Wedge analyst Brian Blair, meanwhile, says that today’s earnings report will be “the third inning of RIM’s death spiral,” implying that there are still six more innings of gruesome, 1962 Mets-style baseball left to go with nary a rain cloud in sight to halt the slaughter. The overall consensus on the Street is that RIM will post a net loss of three cents per share, which will mark the first time since 2004 that RIM has posted a net loss in a quarter.