Apple’s next-generation iPhone will reportedly make use of new display technology that will allow the device to utilize thinner components without sacrificing responsiveness. Citing anonymous sources within Apple’s component supply chain, DigiTimes on Friday reported that Apple’s new iPhone will utilize in-cell touch panels rather than industry-standard on-cell technology. In-cell touch panel technology allows a device’s touch sensors to reside inside a display’s color filters rather than above them, and the result is a thinner, lighter panel. According to the report, the new displays will be manufactured by Sharp and Toshiba Mobile Display, and production will ramp up in the second quarter followed by a launch some time in the third quarter this year. BGR reported last December that Apple plans to launch a completely redesigned iPhone with a new antenna system and a unibody case this fall. A separate recent report suggested that the new iPhone’s case could be made from the Liquidmetal alloys Apple licensed in 2010.