Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell Inc., said on Tuesday that Android tablets have failed to gain significant traction in a market dominated by Apple’s iPad, and that Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 platform has a good chance of achieving better sales. Mirroring the sentiments of countless pundits, Dell says the tablet market today is basically an iPad market, and that Apple’s competitors have failed to offer a compelling alternative at this point. “If you look at the tablet market, you have to say right now it’s an iPad market,” Dell said while speaking at the Web 2.0 Summit on Tuesday. “The Android stuff has not done fantastically well, I think I’m being fair. Microsoft has a pretty good shot with Windows 8, we’re pretty excited with what they’re doing.” Michael Dell said this past April that sales of Android tablets would overtake iPad sales just as sales of Android smartphones have surpassed the iPhone. The company’s Android-powered Streak tablet has not been a hot seller for the computer maker however, and now it appears as though any future plans for new Android tablets may be put on hold. Recent reports suggest Dell may release is first round of Windows 8 tablets in the third quarter of 2012.