For the ninth consecutive month, Android topped the charts in Millennial Media’s “Mobile Mix” mobile device usage share report. Based on traffic to its mobile ad network, Millennial found that Android’s share of the mobile OS market slid in at 54% for the month of August, almost double the next closest platform. Apple’s iOS climbed to 28% in the No. 2 spot, followed by RIM’s BlackBerry OS at 13%. Android’s usage share was 61% and iOS held a 21% share in July, but the big swing in August is a bit misleading. Millennial’s August report combines smartphone and tablet traffic for the first time, so historical comparisons are rendered somewhat irrelevant. Apple remained the top manufacturer by usage in August with a 23.19% share, and HTC reclaimed its No. 2 position with 16.33%. Samsung held the No. 3 spot with 14.55%, Motorola followed with 11.37% and RIM slid into the No. 5 position with 11.06%. Additional charts from Millennial’s August report follow below.