…the iPhone. BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk on Wednesday published the findings of a study in which BTIG researchers contacted 250 AT&T and Verizon Wireless retail stores to determine which smartphone model finds its way to consumers’ pockets the most. The study, which took place over the past three weeks, found that Apple’s iPhone was the best-selling smartphone at 58% of the stores polled. An Android model took top billing at 21% of the stores, and sales were neck and neck at 20% of retail shops. Breaking BTIG’s findings out by carrier, 65% of AT&T stores polled said the iPhone was their best-selling smartphone versus 31% that said an Android model was No. 1, and the iPhone was the top smartphone at 51% of Verizon shops polled. Also of note, when Verizon stores were asked about their best-selling 4G LTE smartphone model, 90% said it was the Samsung DROID Charge and just 10% said it was HTC’s ThunderBolt. The LG Revolution wasn’t included in the firm’s study. Hit the break for for charts depicting BTIG’s findings.