This is something that has been rumored about for a while, so here is what the Wall Street Journal is reporting… RIM will announce and show off their new tablet device at DevCon in San Francisco next week at their BlackBerry Developer Conference. Moreover, RIM has even larger plans for the new OS the tablet will run. What is said to happen, and something we have figured would happen, is that the new OS that is powering the BlackPad (or whatever name BlackBerry selects) based on work from QNX, a company RIM acquired early this year, will also power BlackBerry smartphones in the near future. This would give Research In Motion a clean break from their aging operating system which is basically tapped out right now. If RIM continues to use the current BlackBerry OS for future devices, their ability to innovate and advance along with the rest of the industry will be pretty limited. With a new OS, however, this could be great news for Canada’s favorite tech company. Food for thought, though? The OS that is currently powering the Blackberry tablet and ultimately BlackBerry smartphones is based on Adobe Flash.