Since we have a brand new office in the heart of New York City, school is basically done, and we are growing faster than ever, we are looking for die-hard BGR interns for the summer. If you think you are up for working with us, hit us up. Please live in NYC or be able to quickly commute. Also, we would be looking for someone who could put in a decent amount of time — at least around 20-30 hours per week.

If you would like to apply, hit the break for the finer details!

Please email the following information to us:

  • Four sample posts that you’d expect to appear on BGR. The posts can be on whatever tech topics you’d like, general tech, mobile, gadgets, business — whatever. Just make sure to please send us original posts and not previously written stuff.
  • Tell us your favorite device ever.
  • A short bio and contact information.
  • Amount of time you can realistically devote to interning at BGR.
  • Why you love BGR and what you think you can contribute by gracing us with your presence.

Please don’t send resumes, photos, or attachments! Shoot the email to intern at boygeniusreport dot com and if we’re interested we’ll get back to you!