Assuming that some day we’ll see a usable build on a more updated handset — this is awesome. Xda-developer forum member zenulator has managed to manhandle the HTC Hero’s Sense UI and stuff it into an HTC Vogue-compatible package. The Vogue, also known as the HTC Touch, is not what we would call a modern, capable handset. As such, Sense basically destroys the handset and brings a new meaning to the word ‘boggy’. Albeit 100% unusable, it’s an awesome start and a proof of concept that will hopefully light a fire under the WinMo hacking community. Think of the possibilities… HTC’s Sense UI on a Snapdragon-powered Toshiba TG01? Oh hell yeah. But back to the matter at hand, you’ll find a video of the aforementioned port below along with a link to the Google Code page. Two recommendations: 1) Don’t bother installing Sense UI just yet and 2) start the video around 3:30 to avoid a whole lot of waiting. And yes, guy who recorded the video, we totally saw that iPhone unlock screen you’re rocking. Ouch. Hit the jump for the video.

[Via Vogue Hero Sense UI installer]


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