We try to avoid covering the unending waterfall of handset copies that flows out of China, but this one is so bad it’s good. Behold, the Nokia N97i. The “i“, by the way, apparently stands for “it doesn’t even have a QWERTY keypad”. Found lounging about in a shop in China, the N97i kiiiiind of, sort of, almost looks like an N97 until you turn it on… or flip it over and see the 3.2 megapixel camera… or try to slide the display up to reveal the keypad of course. In terms of the UI, it looks a little bit like S60 on a 1/10th VGA display with a hint of iPhone thrown into the mix. Yes, it’s a mess. The N97i apparently runs about 750 yuan, or $110, and will be just as popular in the US as the real N97 before the price drops. Hit the jump for more pics.