We’ve got a lot of tips on this over the course of the morning but wanted to double check them to be safe. In short, we’re told that many, many new Nokia 5800 NAM owners are returning their units to the Flapship points of purchase, due to an issue with the handset not properly connecting to the internet. Now, our unit got 3G/3.5G signal fine in NYC over AT&T’s network, but we’re told many other units don’t pick up signal at all in a lot of locations. Literally another Nokia next to it will have 5 bars and the 5800 won’t have any. And yes, they’ve all confirmed they have NAM units and the boxes say “850MHz/1900MHz UMTS”. I’d turn my unit on again to check this out but it’s honestly not worth it. Stay in the box, 5800. You’re at peace.

Thanks, to everyone that hit us up!