This morning we showed you an image of what might just be the Mac mini refresh after it was leaked around the interwebs last night. Skeptics across the web immediately dismissed it as a laughable Photoshop job and went to great lengths to prove their point. We were skeptical as well of course, but we still couldn’t dismiss it entirely. Sure it was a little blurry and the Firewire port and five USB ports might have been hard to swallow, but it’s now looking like the image could indeed be authentic. A new video originating on 9 to 5 Mac shows the unit in all of its glory and well… It looks very real. This is not to say it isn’t simply a hell of a home job, but if it is it could be one of the best we’ve ever seen. So hit the jump, feast your eyes and let us know if you think this is the real McCoy.

[Via Giz]