We just got a hold of this internal Sprint newsflash stating that the Treo Pro, which we all assumed would launch on Sprint on the 15th, now meets the fate of a new “TBD” launch date. We’re not sure what’s up here, but the information is definitely legit — it’s a proven BGR ninja. We have reached out to Sprint and will update this post accordingly. We’re not sure there will be that many bummed out people, however. There’s something called the Palm Pre on the horizon… There’s a larger image after the jump.

UPDATE: Official statement from Sprint:

Sprint has not announced availability for the Treo Pro.  Sprint looks forward to welcoming this exciting, new device into our portfolio as soon as it has been approved through our customary testing process. We will share details on the correct availability date as soon as the standard testing of both the device and its interaction with our network has concluded. Thank you for your interest in Sprint products.”