This might be a bit of a stretch brought on by wishful thinking, but RIM has most definitely been sneaky with the Curve 8900 thus far so you never know. An eagle-eyed reader came across some interesting accessory listings on the US BlackBerry shop site, and at the very least you’ve got to raise an eyebrow. A quick peak at the accessory section reveals that the Curve 8900 is now indeed listed among the handset options when narrowing down accessories. What’s more, all 8900 accessories including a variety of cases, a couple of Micro-USB cables and a desktop charging pod, have a listed arrival date of December 5th. Does that mean we can expect the handset to become available at some point before then? Hmm – why would BlackBerry customers need Curve 8900 accessories on December 5th without being able to purchase the Curve 8900? Kinda makes you wonder…

Thanks, MP!