Everyone’s talking about NetShare, a new application that just hit the App Store but was subsequently pulled very shortly after. It created a Wi-Fi hotspot on the iPhone, allowing your computer or other devices to use that oh-so-precious 3G connect without AT&T’s approval. But, I’d like to put you on to what possibly could be the best iPhone application ever. That’s right. It’s called Teleport. It’s fairly new, but you know BG can’t resist trying all the VNC applications! It’s priced currently at $24.95, and while that might be a little steep, it offers the absolute best VNC experience on the iPhone. Scratch that. It offers the best VNC experience on any mobile device, ever. Even better than GotoMyPC’s Windows Mobile client which was a little sexy. The fantastic part about Teleport is that it’s a monster even on an EDGE connection. It optimizes the displayed images accurately, not making you wait for the whole screen to load when you’re zoomed into a particular section, and so on. It will even show you any VNC-capable computers on your network when you’re over Wi-Fi. We’ve been playing around with this thing straight for hours, and so far, we haven’t experienced any crashes (unlike, ahem, Mocha), and we’re honestly thrilled. Anyone else give this thing a go? And yes, it does work with PCs as well, provided you use a VNC server like RealVNC or something. Setup a little DynDns.org action if you don’t have a static IP address (suckers), and you’re good to go. Just never try and access http://www.boygeniussecretcomputer.com:5900 with a password of “blogking” ok? Promise?

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