We’ve seen and read a bit lately about Nokia’s upcoming Nseries handsets but this is definitely worth checking out. PhoneReport.info managed to get their hands on both of Nokia’s upcoming top Nseries additions – the N96 and the N78 – and has lined them up with current Nokia flagship titleholders N95 8GB, N81 8GB and N82 for an in-depth comparison. Dim lighting aside, the post is packed full of pictures that highlight size comparisons from all angles. The review sings a bit of praise for the new animations and transition effects found in Feature Pack 2, but from our experience it’s not overly impressive. Merely a stepping stone, we hope. Beyond its shortcomings however, the added touch-sensitive navi wheel support on the N78 is quite welcome. N81 owners won’t be shy in telling you how annoying it is to have the technology but not be able to use it in 99% of the areas of the UI. As far as the N96 goes, the post author seems to be pretty enamored, as we all are. Special attention is given to the dual LED flash and size comparisons with the N81 8GB. Definitely worth a read.