There is a new Google mobile service that Google doesn’t want you to know about. We’re not sure why they would keep it from you; it’s actually pretty cool. Google mobile “LCB” was uncovered by picking apart a publicly available file containing a list of all pages that crawlers shouldn’t be able to see. Essentially, LCB is an interesting move away from Google’s typical offerings. A “searchless search” in a sense, it allows the user to input a location and then browse through seven predefined categories such as Food / Restaurant and Entertainment to find a business listing. Once a desired result is listed, users can quickly and easily map the address and surrounding area. Perhaps it’s some kind of ‘walking around’ quick access service. The seven top categories are pretty straight forward and sensible, except for one: “Googleplex”. While testing, we entered an New Jersey zip code and used the Googleplex search. Oddly, it fired back restaurant, bank and entertainment results from in and around Manhattan. Either Google constructed a New York campus while we were looking the other way, or the Googleplex entry is there as a placeholder for some kind of internal testing. We’re going with the latter. Hit the read link to check out LCB on your computer or mobile.

[Via Googling Google]