Think about what you could do with a terabyte of storage. Hundreds of thousands of photos and audio files, weeks of p0rn, the possibilities are endless. The upcoming M70 from Asus will make your mobile-pirating fantasy a reality and cram all of that hard disk space into a multimedia-centric notebook PC. Hitachi GST has announced that the upcoming Asus M50 and M70 laptops will feature their Travelstar 5K500 hard drives. The latter of the two models will be available with a dual-drive configuration totalling 1TB of space. Asus’ new multimedia notebook series will be aimed at HD audio / video and there is no question that they’ll have the room to for it. Other features will include a full-sized keyboard and dual-mode touchpad, a high-quality LCD cover made by exclusive ASUS Infusion technology and premium integrated speakers to allow for a better multimedia experience. Don’t worry about the speaker vibration harming your hard drives as the 5k500 make use of Hitachi’s Rotational Vibration Safeguard (RVS) technology to "mitigate any adverse impact on system performance from unexpected vibrations or shocks to the system enclosure." That’s right, your p0rn is safe…

[Via I4U]