Unfortunately it’s a bit late to add this little beauty to your Christmas list, but maybe you’ll score some cash this holiday season and treat yourself. Weighing in at a feather light 179g and at only 116mm tall, Micro’s digital camcorder packs heavyweight specs into a tiny package that will easily fit into just about any pocket. This handheld stainless steel digital camcorder puts DVD-quality video recording and a 5.4-megapixel still camera in the palm of your hand – literally. Support for SD cards up to 4GB allows you to shoot and store up to four hours of 720 x 480 30fps video at a time. The built-in flash, 8x digital zoom and 2.5" high-resolution LCD also make this device a very decent still digital camera. Of course you won’t get all of the bells and whistles found in some digital still cameras, but features like image stabilization, red-eye reduction and white balance settings will certainly get the job done. Pack all of this functionality into a stainless case, slap a modest price tag of $149.99 on it and you’ve got yourself a winner.

[Via coolest-gadgets]