Garmin, in an apparent bid to further solidify their role as king of the GPS hill, is making a bid for Tele Atlas. Tele Atlas is a digital map maker based in Amsterdam, and would be an amazing asset for Garmin’s hardware-based operation. The in-house combination of Garmin hardware and Tele Atlas software would be pretty hard to step to. The crazy part, however, is that Garmin has offered a bid of $3.3 billion. Yeah, Billion. Crazier still is that this offer came completely out of the blue. Neither company had expressed any interest in one another prior to the bid, and there have been no talks or negotiations. Nothing like waking up one morning to see that someone is offering you $3.3 billion, right? Tele Atlas has yet to respond to the offer, stating only that they are currently “reviewing their options.” Anyone think they’ll pass on this incredible sum? Yeah, we didn’t think so.