File this one under unconfirmed rumors, but we got a nice tip this morning that included the Motorola RAZR 2, Motorola Q9, BlackBerry 8820 (again), Pantech C810, and the AT&T SMT5700. According to this anonymous tipster, we’ve got the Motorola Q9, and the Motorola RAZR 2 V9 pegged for an August 24th release. Same day action, baby! The Pantech C810, a rumored WCDMA device,  is looking like it will see the light on September 9th. What about the BlackBerry 8820? Well, “expect” that to lauch on August 13th or 14th, and the SMT5700 to follow on August 24th, or August 28th. Who’s happy if these launch dates stick?

UPDATE: The 5700 as pointed out below, should actually be the AT&T SMT5700 QWERTY device.