Free wireless service? Well friends, it might have arrived. Mosh Mobile is an Indiana-based MVNO (running on an undislosed parent network) that claims to provide a completely free wireless experience. Whoa! What’s the catch? You have to put up with text-based ads that are pushed to your phone at undisclosed intervals, web-based ads, and more. According to the company: “The service will be supported via advertisements delivered by text message, the wireless web portal, inserted in to wireless pages, the free wireless applications and will be targeted to various usergroups.” That doesn’t sound too bad, does it? The service includes unlimited free calls, unlimited data usage, unlimited SMS, and a variety of other Mosh-specific services. You’re also entitled to 3 free ringtone downloads, and 1 free video ringer per month. This sounds like a pretty appealing proposition if you ask us, but until someone hits us with a invite, we’re gonna have to plead ignorance. Even so, the move towards socialized wireless service is under way….Viva La Revolucion!

[Via TechCrunch]