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Samsung Comeback gets spec'd

You might recall the Samsung Comeback — though its name was unknown at the time — from a group of four T-Mobile-bound headsets we spied back in early May. Sure it was likely >>

Sony Ericsson "Twiggy" Walkman phone strikes a pose

We’re not exactly sure this upcoming handset from Sony Ericsson is deserving of renowned 90lb supermodel’s name — even as a codename — but slender form or not, the SE Twiggy is the >>

Nokia launches three new low-end devices

Today Nokia announced three new devices that it hopes will makes serious inroads in emerging markets. While they certainly aren’t much to write home about from a phoneaholic’s perspective, they are definitely interesting >>

BlackBerry Tour hitting Verizon Wireless in July?

BlackBerry Tour? Oh yeah. Now that that’s been confirmed, we’re on to bigger and better things — release dates! The latest information we’ve heard is that the BlackBerry Tour is shaping up to >>

BlackBerry Pearl 8230 Flip gets pictured

Well, it’s no Curve 8900 and it’s certainly no Bold but BlackBerry fans with a need for buttons will be happy to learn that the Pearl 8230 Flip should be landing soon on >>

T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 unboxing

Alright, these aren’t the first live in-hand shots of the BlackBerry 8220, but it is the first unboxing. And it’s a damn good looking box! There’s actually very little that comes in the >>