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T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 unboxing

Alright, these aren’t the first live in-hand shots of the BlackBerry 8220, but it is the first unboxing. And it’s a damn good looking box! There’s actually very little that comes in the T-Mobile box, just the device, battery, charger, headphones, and a USB cable. We thought it would have been loaded with goodies like a really nice headset, wack cool carrying case, lanyard, decals, and other nonsensical things, but that’s what the accessory market is for, we guess. As far as the device goes, we’re pretty disappointed. Not so much because it’s absolutely terrible, just because the Pearl Flip feels like a prototype and not a final build. Even though this is a retail unit. The displays are a complete letdown, and that’s not because we’ve been spoiled by the Bold. It’s because they are really bad. For some reason the outer and inner screens are pixelated beyond anything we’ve seen recently, and they are probably the worst displays we’ve seen on a BlackBerry since… well, a long time. We understand it’s not a high end device, but is there any reason this thing should be looking like it came out of 2001? The feel of the Flip is fine — it’s a little light actually — and when opened, it’s perfectly weighted. The keyboard isn’t that great, but who are we fooling. This is a phone for your niece, baby mama, sister, or Sarah Palin hockey mom. And for that friends, we give it a B+. What are you still doing here? The gallery is where it’s at, son.

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