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T-Mobile's G2 to be $199 on-contract, $499 off

TmoNews has just gotten word that the unreleased and unannounced HTC G2 will be priced at $199 with a 2-year contract and $499 without on T-Mobile. The intel comes via a screen shot of T-Mobile’s internal TeamLine >>

Amazon selling Samsung Captivate for a penny

Last week, AmazonWireless had the Samsung Vibrant on sale for one, shiny penny. Now, this week, it looks like the gang over at A.W. are giving the Samsung Captivate the same treatment. If >>

Sprint introduces the Sprint Free Guarantee

Guess this is Sprint’s big announcement. Effective tomorrow, Sprint will offer a”Sprint Free Guarantee” on all contracts. Anyone who inks a deal with the Now Network will be able to walk away from it >>