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AT&T and CWA reach tentative agreement

Updated 4 years ago

It took exactly a month from the day we first scooped the possibility of an AT&T Mobility contractual issues that could have lead to a strike, but it looks like we have some good news to report. Crisis averted — or so it would appear. The CWA site has been posting bargaining reports regularly and yesterday evening the union issued a final report covering a tentative agreement between AT&T Mobility and the CWA union. Woo! As long as nothing crazy happens, it looks like it’s a done deal and workers can go back to doing their jobs without a potential strike looming overhead. Hit the jump for the full report and if you’re an AT&T employee, let us know how you feel about the tentative agreement in the comments section.

Thanks, Ryan and everyone else who sent this in!



March 3, 2009

The following information is a brief summary of the tentative agreement reached between CWA and AT&T Mobility.

A more comprehensive summary will follow along with specific information on a contract ratification vote. Date to be determined.


1.  The General Wage Schedules for all employees will be increased as follows:
TOP                       BOTTOM
2009                       1%                         1%
2010                       2.5%                      2.5%
2011                       2.5%                      2.5%
2012                       2.5%                      2.5%

All employees will also receive a $500.00 lump sum payment upon ratification

2.  Job Upgrades for the following titles:

  • Wireless Technician I and Wireless Technician II titles will be eliminated. All existing employees will move into the Wireless Technician title at the wage schedule associated with the current Wireless Technician II title.
  • CSR 1 reps in the Technical Support Group will be upgraded to a new title of Customer Support Specialist with a new maximum rate of $683.00 for year 2009. Current employees in the Technical Support Group above the new maximum rate will receive the general wage increase based on existing wage rates.
  • CSR I reps in the Office of the President will be upgraded to a new title of Client Service Specialist with a new maximum wage rate of $672.50 for year 2009.
  • CSR I reps and Clerks in the Workforce Operations group will be upgraded to a new title of Workforce Administrator with a new maximum rate of 632.50 for year 2009.
  • Care Function Evaluation-Company to evaluate the CSR functions to see if additional titles should or could be created.

3.  On-call pay-increased from $28 to $32 for each day of such assignment
4.  Relief Differential-Employees assigned the duty of performing managerial opening and/or closing (Key Holder) will receive a 10% differential payment for each hour the employee performs this work.
5.  Severance Payment-Increased from a maximum payment of $12,000 to $15,000
6.  Travel Payment-Travel time exceeding normal commute time when on a temporary assignment will be paid as work time.  Mileage reimbursement for use of personal vehicles will    be reimbursed at the IRS Standard.
7.  Sales Compensation Plan

  • Minimum at-risk commission pay of $12,000/year for years 2009 and and 2010 and $12,500/year for years 2011 and 2012 for those reaching 100% of their targeted goal
  • National Sales Compensation Committee -to be reestablished

8.  Quota Relief-quota relief for 8 hour increments of time (8 aggregate hour in a calendar month) has been added for discipline purposes only.


1.  Definition  of Employees-If the Company reclassifies from Full Time to Part Time, they will seek volunteers first and then force in reverse order.
2.  Seniority-seniority will apply to all Articles and LOA’s and the middle two digits of SSN will be used as tie breaker when employees have same NCS date and same last 4 of SSN
3.  Work Assignments-Laid off employees will be given priority placement for rehire
4.  Non-Discrimination-Company will not discriminate against an employee because of ones position or membership or non membership in the union
5.  Company-Union Relationship-increase in union time from 240 hours to 300 hours and up to 20 reps may take or pool up to 960 hours each/year. (20 X 960= 19,200 hours)
6.  Vacations-Company will maximize the allotment of vacation weeks during the most desirable vacation periods.
7.  Holidays-holiday schedules to be posted by Friday at noon 2 weeks prior to the Holiday
8.  EWP’s-change in hour increment availability from 2 hours to 1 hour.
9.  Personnel Records-employees will be provided a copy of all disciplinary write-ups
10.  Subcontracting-Original language to remain with understanding that within 60 days of ratification, subcontracting reports and data requests will be provided to bargaining chair and going forward quarterly reports on subcontractors will be provided
11.  Alliance Committee-new language to explore the possibility of the Alliance.
12.  Strategic Alliance Committee-Establishment of Committee to explore innovative methods of operation
13.  Scheduling Trial-Retail Sales Group trial to explore more effective methods of scheduling. Company will review results with Union and consider input.
14.  Job Satisfaction (Monitoring)-Company to review call observations within 2 days of the employee’s next two (2) scheduled workdays with the understanding the coverage is to be done in a private area.


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