New report suggests HTC’s next phone will seriously undercut the Galaxy S5

HTC Vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

HTC may mock Samsung’s use of plastic for its flagship smartphone but the Taiwanese company isn’t above using plastic itself for mid-range devices. Unnamed sources tell Engadget that HTC’s upcoming HTC M8 Ace smartphone will be a plastic device that will have almost the exact same major specifications as Samsung’s Galaxy S5 (a 5-inch 1080p display, a a 2.5GHz quad-core processor, etc.) but will be priced at around $480 off contract, or more than $150 less than the Galaxy S5’s off-contract price of $650.

While this device certainly won’t be a Galaxy S5 “killer,” it could certainly take some customers away from Samsung if shoppers do an in-depth comparison of the two and find that the M8 Ace delivers pretty much the same package for a lower price. Of course, this would also mean that HTC would have to effectively market the device, which is something that’s been a major challenge for the company in recent years.

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