Flexible displays are set to become the next big thing in the mobile industry. Big name companies such as LG and Samsung are exploring the idea of making smartphones with bendable and unbreakable screens that could debut early next year. Now, a recently published patent application dug up by AppleInsider suggests that Apple is also exploring the idea of incorporating a flexible display into future iPhone models, however it would do so in a different way than competitors.

The company is looking to utilize a technology that allows for a third dimension on the z-axis in a multitouch display. Apple’s filing describes a system that incorporates pressure sensors on a flexible display to grant users more input methods by pressing down harder on the screen. The technology could be useful when using applications such as GarageBand, which could allow users to generate different sounds by pressing on a key with more or less force. The technology would also be useful on devices with a smaller screen such as Apple’s rumored iWatch.