Among a number of oddities surrounding Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 launch was the lack of presence from ASUS. After all, ASUS built the very first Windows Phone 7 prototype Microsoft used to show off the OS earlier this year. Following a newly unearthed FCC approval of the Windows Phone 7-powered ASUS E600, however, the picture may have gotten a little clearer. The E600 was approved by the FCC back in April, yet it remains MIA. It also bears Garmin-ASUS branding on the charger, yet you’ll recall that the joint venture is in the process of being dissolved. As a result, it may be possible that ASUS’ early Windows Phone 7 offering was canceled — which is probably a good thing judging by the look of this hardware. We still think ASUS has a few Windows Phone 7 cakes baking in the oven, but don’t be surprised if they pop out looking nothing like the E600 we see in this FCC approval. Hit the jump for a few more pictures.