T-Mobile HTC Shadow II is on the horizon

Following up on their popular and consumer-friendly T-Mobile Shadow, the boys in pink are releasing the Shadow 2. While we’ve seen it before, from these pics, it looks a little better and definitely a nice successor to the original. The keyboard still features the two-letters-per-key, which some are not a huge fan of, and reveals itself when the phone slides open. This will be the first device to feature Windows Mobile 6.1 with UMA capabilities. Everyone who has a HotSpot@Home account now has more options in terms of phone selection – good call on HTC and T-Mobile’s part. As far as we know, this little bugger is slated for an October 15 release on T-Mobile and will likely be $149.99 with new contract and mail-in rebate. There aren’t too many other details on the device for now, especially whether it will support T-Mobile’s new 3G network (let’s hope, but doubt it), but we’ll keep all our faithful readers updated as we can! Hit the link for more pics…

Thanks Roger A!


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