iRiver Wins Today’s WTF?!? Award with Their iClone

If we didn’t see the video with our own eyes, we would definitely say that this is some sort of joke. No such luck however. Reminiscent of the NokLa knock-off devices issued shortly after each new Nokia release, iRiver has shamelessly cloned the iPhone and chosen to wear it publicly as a badge of courage. Debuted at CES, iRiver’s enormous lawsuit waiting to happen is essentially a Linux-based iPhone with an uglier UI and an uglier body. The application icons are iPhone rips, the application interfaces themselves are iPhone rips and the form factor is an iPhone rip. Japanese tech companies have historically been known for innovation; taking existing technology and vastly improving upon it. We can only hope that South Korean companies aren’t shooting for the opposite label! iRiver’s apparent motivation behind this massive blunder is to provide an iPhone-like experience but add 3G to the equation. Ummm, have they not been reading the news? The 3G iPhone announcement is coming shortly and it will be available later this year. iRiver also states that this device will be “more affordable” than the iPhone, making it more accessible. We don’t care. Bottom line: Many, many people need to be fired over this. Many people…


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