The iPhone 7 may have dominated sales in 2016 but Xiaomi’s Mi Mix stole its fair share of headlines thanks to its edge-to-edge-to-edge display that gave the device a really striking “glass phone” appearance. The company is said to be planning a successor, and newly leaked renders claim to show exactly what the Mi Mix 2 will look like. If it turns out to be legit, Xiaomi will have somehow made its insane phone design even more wild with a screen-to-bezel ratio fast approaching its limit.

The leak, spotted by Xiaomi Today, originated on the Weibo network which has produced plenty of both credible material and total bunk in the past. The renders show the purported Mi Mix 2 with a screen that eclipses three edges and nearly a fourth, leaving just a slim bezel at the bottom of the device. The phone will also reportedly be built primarily out of ceramic, like its predecessor, and AMOLED display technology.

The rumored device boasts a screen-to-bezel ratio even more impressive than the original Mi Mix, with 93% of the front of the phone taken up by the display, compared to the 91.3% of its predecessor.

Xiaomi said early on that the Mi Mix was essentially an experiment, and used that as justification for only producing a very limited run of the devices. Demand seemed to be fairly high for the phone, however, so if Xiaomi is indeed poised to unleash a second iteration on the world, it would be nice if they made enough to go around.

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