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The latest way that Windows 10 is keeping users safe from hackers

Windows 10 Defender Advanced Threat Protection

Although Microsoft’s total lack of transparency regarding Windows 10 is alarming, there’s no question that the company is doing everything it can to keep users safe. On Tuesday, Terry Myerson, Executive VP of the Windows and Devices Group, announced a new service for enterprise users called Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection.

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According to the blog post, this new service “will help enterprises to detect, investigate, and respond to advanced attacks on their networks.” Rather than creating entirely new software, Microsoft has simply expanded upon the Windows Defender program that comes standard with Windows 10, but with an added “post-breach layer of protection.”

The key to this development is that Microsoft has finally admitted that not all attacks can be stopped. If someone with the skills to do so is desperate to get into your system, chances are that they’re going to find a way in eventually. But now, once they’re in, you have the tools you need to detect them, find out who they are and stop them.

Microsoft announced the service today, but Myerson notes that many enterprise customers have been working with the company throughout the process of building in order to make sure it suits their needs.

Here’s a video explaining the Advanced Threat Protection in greater depth:

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