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Artist turns old Macs into awesome plant pots

Published Nov 22nd, 2016 9:00PM EST

Artist Christophe Guinet has a thing for turning random objects into homes for plants, having already converted some classic Nike kicks into awesome living decorations in the past. For his most recent project called Plant Your Mac! he set his sights on Apple’s most iconic computers, and the results are just plain awesome. 

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Have you ever seen a Macintosh Classic with this much personality? The tiny sprout finding its way out of that old school mouse is a nice touch, too.

The iMac G3 has been a favorite of tinkerers in the past, and they’ve been turned into cat houses, aquariums, and many other things. The blue-backed beauty here seems perfect as a terrarium, and the hockey puck mouse got some green love, too.

The iMac G5 is a stellar window planter.

Guinet calls this Power Macintosh desert conversion “Macactus,” and the name surely fits.

This is what happens with Apple doesn’t update its Macs in a while.

The Powerbook hasn’t had this much attention since the last time someone tried to get the giant plastic behemoth through airport security.

To be totally honest, I’m not sure how long most of these Mac plants would actually survive in their new homes, but I suppose that’s not really the point. You can check out more of Guinet’s awesome work, along with more “green” Macs on his web gallery, and you really should, because I think we’d all eventually like to see what the black trashcan Mac Pro would look like with a big green Aloe plant sticking out of it.