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This modified iPhone 7 is ultra secure, but it’ll cost you big bucks

iphone encryption

Apple’s iPhone is already a pretty secure device, and the company has gotten a lot of good press for its habit of pushing back against law enforcement agencies who want an easy way to access its devices. But if Apple’s built-in security features and encryption just aren’t enough for you — or you don’t trust the company to keep your communications private — you have another, much more expensive option. It’s called the “K iPhone,” and it manufacturer says it’s the go-to choice for military personal, heads of state, and anyone who values their privacy.

The K iPhone is made by KryptAll, which sells several different pieces of encrypted communications gear, from the aforementioned Apple smartphone to a mobile broadband satellite communicator that can produce a cellular signal anywhere on the planet.

KryptAll says its modified iPhone utilizes modified components, a custom firmware, and the company’s own VoIP app to make end-to-end encrypted phone calls to anyone in the world. But while it can make calls to any number, it can only take incoming calls from other KryptAll devices, to ensure security. The company says that phone calls made of its encrypted network cannot be tapped or tracked, and that not oven KryptAll has any way of knowing the details of the calls.

The company’s guidelines for law enforcement describes it thusly:

KryptAll provides VoIP audio calls that are secured by encryption. KryptAll is a zero knowledge system as calls are not stored on the server network and calling records are not generated. The KryptAll phone can make calls; however, cannot receive KryptAll calls unless it is from another KryptAll phone. We do not have a history or copies of calls exchanged by anybody on the system. We do not have the decryption keys thus we cannot intercept any of the calls sent through KryptAll. KryptAll does not assign or control IP the address.

It’s super secure, but the K iPhone can also be used just like any other iPhone, and downloading apps and other common smartphone functions perform just as you’d expect. The company, which has been selling its encrypted devices for just a couple of years now, says it already has some extremely important clientele, including “privacy advocates” and executives from Rolls-Royce, Maybach, and other companies.

That makes a lot of sense, because in order to afford one of these custom iPhones you’ll definitely need a pretty healthy paycheck. The devices, which the company sells on eBay for some reason, are several thousands of dollars each, and the current price of the iPhone 7 version is over $4,500.