In something of a wild story, a dashcam on a Model 3 captured an accident involving a reckless driver who later tried to lie to the police about the details surrounding the crash in question. The twist, though, is that the police were only able to deduce that the driver was lying because it was directly at odds with the video captured by Model 3 that happened to be directly behind the crash.

The video itself was originally posted to the Tesla subreddit earlier this week. As evidenced below, a car zooms by a Model 3 and subsequently tries to squeeze in between two cars. The driver can’t quite fit and ultimately sends the car to his right careening off the road.

The Model 3 owner details what happened as follows:

So I never saw the car until he speed past me. He tried to use the merge lane to pass on the right. After the accident I didn’t go near his car and stayed with the guy who took the initial hit (he was shaken up).

When the cops arrived I just told the cop(s) that I had a video when he needed it and was let go (the cops didn’t want us to stay for fear of another accident). When the police called me I had this clip ready (I only noticed the White Model 3 getting hit when I pulled the video). Cop told me the Durango driver claimed he was swerving to avoid a speeding car behind him when the accident occurred and none of the other drivers knew what happened. Luckily I was able to prove he was a liar and I am a formal witness to the accident with my footage attached to the report.

On a related note, Tesla cams have been catching all sorts of interesting activity of late. Primarily, we’ve seen Sentry Mode on Tesla vehicles capture vandals in the act. The video below, for example, shows two men keying a Tesla for no apparent reason.

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