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Tesla’s latest Autopilot demo shows us what a Model S ‘sees’ in real time

Published Nov 20th, 2016 12:45PM EST
Tesla Autopilot Video
Image: Tesla

Tesla over the weekend released a pair of videos which demonstrate, in real time, what the company’s Autopilot software ‘sees’ when it’s driving without any driver involvement. While we often talk about self-driving cars and a future where humans will be able to read books while their car whisks them off to work, it’s easy to overlook the incredible amount of advanced technology that goes into self-driving automotive software.

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Tesla’s latest video, though, helps show us what an Autopilot trip looks like from the car’s perspective. As you’ll see in the video below, we see a Tesla navigate in and around local roads while the right-hand pane of the video provides us with three live feeds of the car’s many camera systems, including leftward and rightward cameras on the back and a medium range camera on the front.

What makes Tesla’s new videos particularly enthralling is that they specifically demonstrate what the company’s vaunted Autopilot software sees in real time. That said, we see how a Tesla in Autopilot mode is able to identify upcoming objects, whether they be pedestrians, cars or even street signs. All the while, the Tesla Model S is more than capable of efficiently handling sharp turns and staying on route with ease.

The original video, played at a sped-up pace to Benny Hill music, can be seen below.

For a better look, here’s the same video played at a slower speed and set to a much better song.

If you want to see an even slower replay, this YouTube video stretches things out to 9 minutes.

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