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Helia pulls a hot new feature off your iPhone and adds it to your whole house

smart light bulbs

Studies have long shown that blue-tinted light can have an adverse affect on your quality of sleep. Apple’s Night Shift feature addresses this on iPhones and iPads by shifting the tint of your mobile screen to warmer colors in the evening, so you can sleep better. Soraa, a lighting company that specializes in business applications, now wants a piece of your living room with new LED smart bulbs that eliminate blue light automatically as the sun sets, but without the typical orangish color that we normally associate with nighttime lighting. 

Soraa calls the system Helia. Soraa says Helia LEDs accurately reproduce full-spectrum sunlight, and eliminate blue light at night without turning everything in your room yellow. Soraa claims that its technology is superior to other LED bulbs which “emit up to 20 times more blue light.” The idea being that as the bulbs shift from day mode to night mode, you won’t notice a jarring transition, but will still get the benefits when it comes time to hit the pillow.

Helia lighting will sync with a smartphone app so you can tweak things to your liking, and it’ll also support IFTTT as well as Alexa voice commands. Additionally, the functionality of each bulb can be expanded via what Soraa calls “Smart SNAPS,” which are small modules that slide into the center of the bulb. The first SNAP available will add ambient light detection and sensors that detect when you enter or leave a room, allowing Helia to automatically turn lights on and off.

The Helia system, which will initially be sold as full-room kits, but individual bulbs will retail for $49.95 each, with each SNAP going for an additional $29.95. They’ll hit retail in Spring.