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If you’ve got the cash for it, early reviews make Samsung’s QLED 8K TV sound like a good deal

Published Oct 24th, 2018 7:06PM EDT
Samsung 8K TV
Image: Samsung

If you’ve got $15k to spend on a gorgeous TV that you absolutely don’t need, then by all means, let this be the one. That’s the takeaway you might be left with after checking out the early reviews of Samsung’s 85-inch, QLED 8K TV — the Q900R that was unveiled at IFA 2018 and which reviewers and tech outlets are praising for everything from its design to the AI-based 8K upscaling technology.

Again, this is arguably a super-luxe product that absolutely no one needs right now, at least not until we can actually access 8K content. Nevertheless, Samsung itself has rounded up a heap of reviews today to disseminate to buyers whose pockets are big enough to absorb a purchase like this. All of those reviews, again, in praise of a TV with Real 8K Resolution features embedded with Samsung’s proprietary 8K AI Upscaling technology. As we’ve noted before, that upscaling is one of the key things the company is betting will help push potential buyers to actually pull the trigger. It refers to the chip that uses AI to analyze an image in real time and then dip into an image database to present a “much more accurate and precise digital guess at how to plug in missing picture information.”

Among some of the early takes on the 8K TV:

Samsung points to UK-based tech news and reviews site Trusted Reviews, which awarded the Q900R 5 out of 5 stars. For context behind that rating, the site explained that this is the first “proper” 8K TV that’s also the “brightest TV ever released.” Put those two factors together? It gives you “a set that can take you to picture quality places you’ve never been before.”

Pocket-Lint, another UK-based gadget news site, also praised the TV’s processor, described it as an “HDR Supernova” and raves about the fact that it’s “capable of processing huge volumes of data that helps to further improve the TV’s performance.”

Switching to US media sites, HD Guru likewise gave the Q900R a perfect 5 out of 5 score. Its review notes that “Even with Standard Dynamic Range Full HD content, colors were exceptionally bright and vibrant, where they were intended to be. The Samsung QLED 8K TV delivered the brightest pictures (we’ve) ever tested along with deep and rich black levels that registered nearly perfect black and clearly visible deep shadow detail.”

From Forbes: “Even with so little native 8K to go on, though, it was instantly and staggeringly clear that all those extra pixels have a stunning and mesmerizing impact on picture quality.” A Digital Trends reviewer said the TV let him feeling pretty “damned impressed.”

“If you can afford it, and you can fit it in your home, then there is no question that this — the Samsung Q900 — is the AVS Forum Top Choice for 2018,” notes AVSForum. “It’s an amazing display by any measure, and of course it’s also first when it comes to 8K TVs you can actually buy.”

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