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The first PS5 benchmark might’ve just leaked, showing monster performance gains over PS4

June 26th, 2019 at 11:44 AM
PS5 Specs vs. PS4

Sony’s PlayStation 5 console will hit stores during next year’s holiday shopping season, but we already know a few things about the console thanks to Sony’s recent revelations. The PS5 will sport next-gen AMD chips as well as fast SSDs that should deliver a much more powerful experience than the PS4, while also eliminating loading times. And we now have the first purported PS5 benchmark in the wild, which may reveal exactly how fast the new console will be.

German-language tech blog WinFuture spotted the following benchmark scores for an AMD Gonzalo platform that were compared to the PS4:

As you can see above, AMD Gonzalo scored over 20,000 points in an undisclosed benchmark test, which is a significant boost in performance compared to the PS4’s score in the same test, which reaches 5,000. The Twitter user who posted the scores is apparently known for finding next-generation processors and graphics chips using benchmark tools, and the person might have just stumbled upon the PS5’s AMD chip.

That said, we have no way of confirming whether we’re looking at an actual PS5 benchmark score, or whether it’s something different. However, with the PS5 currently in development, it wouldn’t be surprising for benchmark tests to leak, no matter how well Sony might try to hide the PS5’s identity. If the AMD Gonzalo isn’t the PS5, then what else could it be?

Sony already confirmed that the PS5 will run on an octa-core AMD Ryzen processor built on 7nm Zen2 microarchitecture, as well as a Radeon Navi GPU. That means we’re already expecting crazy performance, and therefore high benchmark scores, for this machine. AMD beat Intel to launching 7nm chips, with the latter having just released new processors built on 10nm tech. AMD will also make CPUs and GPUs for the next-gen Xbox console that’s also due in 2020, in addition to the PS5.

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