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This might be the most puzzling PS5 leak yet

December 6th, 2019 at 12:27 PM
PS5 Controller

The PlayStation 5 won’t hit stores until late 2020 and Sony will unveil the console in February at best, according to a recent rumor. But we already know plenty of things about the PS5, especially when it comes to hardware and performance. Sony confirmed the console’s commercial name and revealed some of the main specs, including the CPU, GPU, and storage. The company also unveiled several brand new features coming to its next-gen controller and teased that the console will be cheaper than expected. Sony did not provide many actual specifics about the new PlayStation 5, though. We have no idea what the device will look like, how much it’ll cost, or how much SSD storage we’re in for. But then we’ve seen a bunch of rumors that attempted to clear up some of those things, and many of them come from solid sources. The latest PlayStation rumor, however, is the most puzzling thing we’ve seen so far.

Found by the same Dutch-language blog that uncovered other Sony patents, including the patent that turned out to reveal the actual design of the PS5 dev kit, the device in the image below is an incredibly puzzling Sony invention.

Image source: LetsGoDigital

We’re looking at renders based on a Sony patent filed with the USPTO in late July, and published a few days ago. Titled Information output system and method, the patent details the functionality of a device that seems to be a mix between a handheld console, a smartphone, and a traditional DualShock controller.

The portable gadget has an unusual rectangular shape with a display in the middle and a button setup and layout reminiscent of other controllers, even the Nintendo Switch. The device has memory of its own, LetsGoDigital notes, and can be connected to other devices, including PCs, gaming consoles, and TV sets. Users can then control a computer to start a game and beam the contents to a TV. The controller can be used to operate the game, as well as to show photos and listen to music that’s stored on the computer.

According to the patent, the controller might also feature fingerprint and heart rate sensors. Other sensors will provide additional contextual information to the user. For example, the controller might detect if you’re visiting a friend and offer an option to play a game on their device. The key trick here is that the controller stays connected to your home PC — or PS5? — at all times.

Finally, the controller also features gyroscope and acceleration sensors that would let you tilt the screen to change the point of view and orientation.

This definitely sounds like the kind of smart controller that Sony might develop for the PS5, but it’s unclear when it’ll be available to gamers, and whether it’s coming in time for the PS5’s launch. Some of the controller’s advanced features might be coming to the DualShock 5 controller, and Sony might be using different imagery to depict the device simply to conceal the fact that these features. That’s just speculation at this point, of course, as Sony is yet to reveal more DualShock 5 features or confirm the name of the new controller.

What we do know is that the controller might feature a built-in microphone that could be used to access a PlayStation Assist voice assistant, according to a recent report.

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