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The first Pokemon Go shooting just took place in Florida

Pokemon Go

More than a week after its release, the Pokemon Go craze shows no absolutely no signs of slowing down. If anything, the level of addiction to and general interest in the augmented reality infused game has only grown more pronounced over the past few days, even more so since the game launched across 26 countries in Europe over the weekend.

With millions of Pokemon Go players on the prowl, some players have inevitably taken to wandering into places they shouldn’t. In fact, some restaurants have even taken to putting up signs warning Pokemon players that they’re not welcome on the premises. On a more serious note, some players have even become injured while playing the game. Over the last few days alone, we’ve seen stores of players falling off cliffs, getting into car accidents, and even wandering into dangerously busy intersections.

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And now we have another entry to add to the list. And wouldn’t you know it, the story comes to us from Florida.

Originally reported by The Daytona Beach News-Journal, a man in Palm Coast, Florida over the weekend came across two teenage Pokemon Go players parked in a car in front of his house. The car had its brake lights on, and because it was approximately 1:30 in the morning, the owner of the house assumed that they were up to no good.

Unsure as to their intentions and believing that they posed a threat, the owner took out a handgun and shot at them after a brief confrontation. Fortunately, neither teenager — ages 16 and 19 — was hit by the gun fire.

Upon approaching the car, the home owner heard snippets of a conversation that sounds all too familiar these days.

Authorities said the man heard someone say something like, “did you get anything?” in the car. The man said he then stepped in front of the vehicle and told them not to move, but the vehicle accelerated toward him so he ran from the road and shot at the car several times. He then called police.

Thankfully the “situation” ended with no one getting hurt, though the car did suffer a flat tire and a few bullet holes.

It is worth noting that while the teenagers may have been acting like idiots, they were on a public street and did not trespass onto the homeowner’s property. As of now, there is no indication that any charges will be brought upon the homeowner but an investigation is still ongoing. We’ll make sure to update this post once any new information come in.

And as for a tweet that perfectly sums up the Pokemon Go craze appropriately, I think this one does the trick.

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