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One new iPhone feature in iOS 16 is already being abused by users

Updated Jun 19th, 2022 3:36PM EDT
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Even though iOS 16 hasn’t been released in widespread form yet to the general public, iPhone users who’ve already downloaded the beta version of Apple’s new mobile operating software have already come to a surprising conclusion about it. Specifically, about the updated Messages app that will let users edit and unsend already-sent messages.

Long story short: Get ready for the potential of some major relationship drama.

New Apple Messages features in iOS 16

Check out this TikTok clip that’s picked up tens of thousands of views over the past week for an example of what we mean:

In that clip, we see an example Messages app conversation unfold. “Me iMessaging a (young lady emoji) with a boyfriend and iOS 16.”

Yo, he asks, “yu a fan of Nikki Manaj”?

“Of course I am!!” she texts back.

That TikTok clip then changes the original question to a NSFW query instead, basically asking if the woman is interested in having sex instead of the question about Nicki Minaj. And voila, now it looks like the woman is agreeing to an invitation to get frisky with the original texter.

And that’s just one example of how relationship drama could explode with the iOS 16 update coming soon to iPhones.

Editing and unsending messages

These enhancements to the stock iPhone messages app, by the way, aren’t the only major update included with iOS 16.

Other software features to look forward to include a new notification design. Plus, in addition to the new ability to unsend messages and recover deleted messages, we’re also getting an improved Lock Screen experience. As well as improved dictation, Apple Pay Later, and much more.

iPhones showing various iOS 16 features.
iPhones showing various iOS 16 features. Image source: Apple Inc.

Power users of Apple’s Messages app, meanwhile, have been practically screaming for certain improvements to the app for what seems like years now. And, finally, Apple has listened. Here’s what’s on the way with iOS 16:

  • The ability to edit a message that you just sent to someone.
  • Users can also now un-send messages. Importantly, though, you’ve got a time limit on editing and recalling messages. You can only do either of these within 15 minutes of sending
  • I’ve especially wanted the following new ability for a while now. Say that you’re busy, and you just read a Message on your iPhone but you can’t respond to it right away. Now, you’ll be able to mark that conversation as “unread” again, which can be a reminder to address it once you have time.
  • There’s also a recovery option for deleted messages coming, too. But only for up to 30 days after you’ve deleted the message.

More about iOS 16

We’ll obviously have much more to say about iOS 16 in the coming days, and especially as we get closer to the official release this fall. Meanwhile, check out some of our latest posts and coverage of news about this next-gen software release thus far:

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