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Here’s how much it would cost to buy everything in the NES Classic Edition separately

nes classic edition games

The NES Classic Edition is one of the most sought-after tech toys of the year, not to mention a hot item on holiday wish lists, and its $60 MSRP is pleasantly within the realm of “impulse buy” for just about anyone. But is it actually a good deal?

If you’re curious how much an original NES and the 30 games that come included with the NES Classic Edition would actually sell for in their original grey plastic state, we’ve been there, done the math, and found some interesting numbers.

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From reputable sellers with solid feedback scores, here are the lowest average prices for the original versions of everything you find in the NES Classic Edition package:

NES Console (refurbished): $89.99$149.99

Total: $592.81 (plus shipping on some items)

There are other bonuses to getting the NES Classic Edition, too, like the built-in HDMI connectivity and not having to mess around with dusty game cartridges that sometimes just don’t want to work.

At the present time, NES Classic Edition bundles are selling for north of $200 on eBay, which is actually down from the $300+ figures that the tiny consoles were selling for just a week ago.

So unless there’s only one or two of the 30 included games you were hoping to play, going full-on retro and buying an original NES is probably going to put a much bigger dent in your bank account than just waiting out the supply constraints and dropping $60 when you find one on a store shelf.